2006_02_sfrancisbench.jpgWhat do you think Steve Francis learned last night as he sat on the bench and watched his new team get destroyed by the Heat? Maybe he learned that the “cornerstone of the franchise”, Eddy Curry, has a long way to go before he can be considered a decent NBA player. Maybe he learned that his new coach still uses his entire roster 50+ games into the season. Maybe he learned that there are worse things than playing for the Magic.

What Gothamist learned last night was that Knicks management is completely delusional. Isiah Thomas stated that he, “pretty satisfied” with where the team is right now personnel wise. Not to be outdone, Larry Brown compared the backcourt of Marbury and Francis to Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe. Maybe Eddy Curry will turn into Patrick Ewing too!

What is certain is that with the passing of the trading deadline, this is the team that will round out the season. They are 11 ½ games out of a playoff spot with 29 games left. It is time to just put the young guys on the floor every night and see what you have. Then, maybe a good GM can come in this summer and start to fix this mess.

Photo by REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine via Yahoo.com