Kazuo Matsui; Photo: AP

New Mets shortstop and Gothamist's favorite Japanese shortstop, Kazuo Matsui made his debut at shortstop yesterday. Sure, it was Spring Training, sure it was only for five innings, but he sure made an impact. Earlier this spring, Matsui cut the middle finger on his throwing hand and required two stitches. With only two fielding opportunities Monday, a high-chopper and a routine double play ball (Gothamist knows that no double play is assumed), Kaz had little to show for defensively. He did, however, show some flashes with the bat, hitting an opposite field home-run and a double. Matsui even made it a point of retrieving the ball as a souvenir. The arrival of Matsui doesn't bode well for Danny Garcia, a product of the Brooklyn Cyclones, a Mets farm team.

Gothamist remembers its first home run in Little League. A young Gothamist ran around the bases as the fielders continuously made errors. Hmm, maybe it was more of a single with three errors and some quality base-running than an actual home run. We can only hope that our little league team does a little better than our childhood opponent.

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