Another sign that Francisco Rodriguez isn't the brightest bulb in the Mets chandelier: His season is likely to end, as he needs surgery to repair a ligament in his right hand thumb...which was injured when he (allegedly) beat up his girlfriend's father last Wednesday at Citi Field. A Mets official said, "You can make the assumption that the injury resulted from the incident last week."

Mets manager Jerry Manuel seemed to confirm that the injury occurred during the fight, "I was told during that time frame, yes." The Daily News, which says that the Mets tried to suspend K-Rod for longer than two days but was stopped by the union, reports, "The team could attempt to void the remainder of the three-year, $37 million contract agreed upon prior to the 2009 season, though the Players' Association has been effective in preventing such attempts in the past."

While the Mets went to Houston, K-Rod stayed behind to get an MRI in Manhattan. The team said, "An MRI revealed the tear and Mets medical staff has recommended surgery to repair it. The date of the surgery is yet to be determined." It's not exactly clear what prompted the fight, but there are reports that the 28-year-old pitcher was cursing out girlfriend Daian Pena when her father Carlos Pena told him, "You can't talk to my daughter that way," as well as Carlos Pena allegedly squabbling with Rodriguez and telling him to "play better" and "man up." Rodriguez and Daian Pena have twin toddlers, a boy and a girl.