Kenyon Martin - Photo; Rod Thorn threw in the towel last night and started discussing a sign and trade with the Nuggets that would ship Kenyon Martin out West. "You guys will find out soon. Something is going to happen soon," said Martin.

By working out a sign and trade with Denver, Martin will get an extra year added to his contract, for a total of 7 years and $90 million, and the Nets will get some compensation for the All-Star. However, Gothamist will let the readers decide if getting three first round picks is equal value.

Nets fans will surely be outraged by this decision. Bruce Ratner knew that K-Mart was due for a large salary increase this summer (with Richard Jefferson standing in line next summer). If he had no intention of giving K-Mart big money, why not trade Jason Kidd last year and rid the team of his salary? San Antonio was very willing to send Tony Parker and change to New Jersey in exchange for Kidd. If they would have made that move, the Nets could rebuild around a younger point guard and keep their athletic wing players.

Now the Nets will have to call up the Portland Trailblazers and revist their talks of a Kerry Kittles and Aaron Williams for Shareef Abdur Rahim deal, but they won't exactly be negotiating from a point of power now will they?