2005_12_sfeely.jpgIt was only a 36-yard field goal, but it may have saved a season. When Jay Feely's kick went through the uprights the Giants escaped Philadelphia with a 26-23 win and Feely proved that he can make a big kick after missing three of them two weeks ago in Seattle.

Once again the Giants defense rescued the offense as they shut down the Eagles when they had to and forced the turnover that the setup the game winning field goal. Eli Manning who played brilliantly through the first three quarters threw two terrible interceptions in the fourth quarter that allowed the Eagles to get back into the game.

Despite the win, the Giants will have a lot of things to worry about this week. They lost both of their offensive tackles, their middle linebacker and one of their defensive tackles to injury. They have only six days to prepare for a game with Kansas City and will have to hope that their players are quick healers.

Photo by AP/George Widman via ESPN