2007_07_sarodjuiced.jpgThe next name up on Jose Canseco's mudslinging list is none other than Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. In an interview Friday with Boston radio station WEEI, the former Oakland A's slugger and former Yankee said that he had the "other stuff on Alex Rodriguez," and that he plans on laying out the details in a book he's shopping to publishers now. When the radio-host asked if A-Rod was on steroids, Canseco said "Wait and see."

Robert O. Saunooke, Canseco's lawyer, said that he's already met with MLB's steroids investigator George Mitchell and told him "what players, managers and owners knew and all the ins and outs of drug use and procedures." Saunooke also said, "Jose has information about A-Rod and the Yankees that will be in the book. But, I am not sure if Jose is willing to disclose it at this point."

Canseco admitted to using steroids in his 2005 "tell-all" book Juiced. In the book, Canseco claimed that 85% of Major League players took steroids and specifically named several former and current players that he played with (Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, Rafael Palmeiro, Iván Rodríguez, and Juan González).

When asked if he heard Canseco's comments, Rodriguez said, "Nope. I haven’t, and I have no comment."