It's Father's Day, and the Post interviewed some NY celebrity dads, Max Weinberg, Daniel Boulud, and Jorge Posada, to ask them about their fathering skill. Gothamist was impressed by Jorge's craftiness:

Posada: What people might find surprising: I taught my wife to change diapers when we had our first. (Editor's note: We checked with Posada's wife, Laura, to see if this is true.) Laura Posada: Yes, I admit he taught me the first time. However, he just wanted to make sure I learned, so he wouldn't have to do it ever again. And let me tell you, he hasn't. I must admit, it was a very smart move on his part.

The Posadas, though, together have founded an charity to help infants with craniosynostosis, which causes the bones in their skulls to fuse together before the brain fully grows, leading to abnormally shaped heads; their son, Jorge Jr., has the condition. And Gothamist was touched, because that's a nice story about dads and moms.