2006_05_stjohns.jpgHow fitting is it that the St. John's Red Storm is facing two years of probation because of a basketball player from the Mike Jarvis era? The player in question is Abe Keita, who was but a minor blip on the college basketball scene. In three seasons that Gothamist found, Keita never managed to average more than 2.4 points. Despite Keita's miniscule contribution to the team and that all the infractions came under Jarvis, St. John's will lose one scholarship next season, forfeit the games that Keita participated in, and return 90% of the money it received for the 2002 NCAA tournament. All that in addition to a self-imposed ban for the 2004-05 post-season and one less scholarship last season.

Keita received $2,400 to pay for tuition before he joined the basketball team as well as $300 a month. Perhaps it was some of the $300 that Keita received that he took to a Pittsburgh strip club in 2004. At least when they were paying Keita, the Red Storm was winning.

St. John's will now struggle through probation as Mike Jarvis sits in his cushy analyst's chair at ESPN. Perhaps this ban should follow Jarvis to his next coaching position, and not just be placed on the coach's former school.