For my job, I'm online all day long. A lot of days, the lure of blogs and chatting gets the better of me, and I get very little work done. Do you have any tips for staying on task when the temptation of Internet entertainment and socializing is so great?

- Obviously Not Working Right Now

You want to ask a bunch of people who blog about how to stay away from the Internet? Well, some might say it's not a problem as long as you get your work done, but since it bothers you, we say you might as well try to improve your productivity a bit. We suggest you cut back on your surfing and chatting time by limiting yourself to certain times of the day - if you're spending four hours each day surfing the Net, try to set time limits and restrict your 'net activities to certain time periods like lunch and 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon.

Another thing to ask yourself is why you're so bored with your work. Is it not challenging enough? Do you have clearly defined goals and tasks? We get the sense that you are ready and able to handle more responsibility. Can you talk to someone about taking on more meaningful assignments or advancing to a higher level? Try to take the initiative to do a few new projects each week that go above and beyond what you're currently handling.

You might find this article about Time management at work helpful. If none of the above suggestions work, why not spend some of that web-surfing time checking out job listings to see if you can find yourself a more challenging and rewarding career.