After an opener that went as bad as one could have imagined, the Jets returned to looking like a half-way decent NFL team yesterday, defeating visiting Miami 17-7 in East Rutherford.

Thanks to a handful unforced errors on the Dolphins' part, a shaky start eventually yielded to a settled down performance by Chad Pennington and company, who are now receiving "Blue Collar Worker" metaphors and accolades, particularly after a late 90-yard scoring drive that provided the final cushion.

Also of note this weekend: Laveranues Coles, who had the team's first score of the day on a 7-yard TD early on,went public for the first time about being molested by a stepfather as a child. It was something he hadn't even confided in his teammates and, frankly, adds a whole other dimension to a player whose previous most-publicized off-field moment came as a member of the Florida State team, when he and two teammates including the Heisman Trophy frontrunner at the time, Peter Warrick received a suspension and expulsion-inducing "discount" at a Florida clothing store during the height of football season in 1999.

The Jets, who improved to 1-1 on the season (a record that the entire AFC East shares at the moment), host Jacksonville next Sunday at 1 p.m.

Photo by AP