2005_11_sbollingerden.jpgAnother week, another loss and, for the time being another pair of injured quarterbacks for the Jets (2-8), who were shut out 27-0 in Denver. Now it's just pathetic, and even the most diehard Jets fan will have to come to grips with that in the coming days and weeks ahead.

After a concussion to starter Brooks Bollinger and an injury to Vinny Testaverde's ankle, Kliff Kingsbury entered the game. That Kingsbury may be in position to start next week against New Orleans is astounding to football insiders and fans alike. Kingsbury was known for record-breaking numbers in college at Texas Tech, but he is widely regarded as a marginal pro. Maybe it's just the phonetic K's in his name, but it seems to be accompanied by a laugh for whatever reason. Most comedians will agree that "K" is inherently the funniest letter and sound in the English language.

Bob Wischusen, the team's radio play-by-play man, was incredulous as Testaverde went down late in the game, as he said that he had never seen any team in the history of the game have an injury riddled season at the quarterback position like the Jets have had this year (possibly losing four QBs in ten games - teams only carry three).

Not to make excuses for coach Herm Edwards (whose hotseat watch is underway), but Gothamist wonders if any team in any sport has ever had this sort of luck at any position. Of course, if Testaverde and Bollinger remain out for next week's game the Jets will have to hold auditions for yet another backup QB immediately. They are probably already doing so right now.

So Jets fans have to wonder if it might be too early to ask what might become the most important question for Gang Green - Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart?.

Photo by Reuters/Rick Wilking