2007_10_sgiantsjets.gifIt’s hard to believe that both of these teams were in the playoffs last year. Entering Sunday’s edition of this strange rivalry the Jets and the Giants are a combined 3-5 and have given up a combined 203 points on defense.

For the Jets, their inability to get to the quarterback (only 3 sacks) has exposed their secondary. Opponents are completing over 70% of their passes against them and converting 48% of the time on 3rd-down, one of the worst figures in the league. The Giants’ defensive statistics look a lot better after the last two games, but let’s not forget that the Cowboys and Packers torched them for 80 points in the first two games.

But, with a home crowd behind them and momentum from the last two weeks, the Giants should prevail in this game. D’Brickashaw Ferguson will have his hands full with Osi Umenyiora and Eli Manning will pick apart the Jets’ defense if he is given the time. Expect some tricks from the Jets, but one has to wonder if this will be the game that Mangini goes to Clemens over Pennington when seeking a spark.