2006_08_sjetslogo.jpgNot too many teams allow 475 yards of offense to their opponent and win in the NFL, and no team had allowed both a 300-yard passer and 150-yard rusher on the road and won before the Jets took down the Bills, 28-20, on Sunday. Chad Pennginton proved steady again, and the Jets rebounded from an early 51-yard Bills touchdown to improve to 2-1 on the season. They'll face the Colts next week, but for a team expected to do nothing, these first three weeks have gone well for the Jets.

No matter how many yards a team gains, turnovers will usually determine the game. Victor Hobson's fumble return for a touchdown broke the game open in the third quarter and helped negate the eye-popping numbers put up by the Bills offense. Besides, with the Jets playing from ahead for most of the game, the Bills' production shouldn't surprise anyone. They had plenty of time to run up the yards.

Still, the biggest story is Pennington. Few people believed Pennington's hold on the starting job was tenous in training camp despite the reports of an open competition. The majority also had doubts about the quarterback's ability to stay in one piece, and -- through three games -- he's done that. A healthy Pennington and a suspect division could lead to a better Jets season than anyone predicted. Of course, only three games have been played, so perspective should be kept.