NY Times/Barton Silverman

It was a great sign for Jets fans, but (unlike the Redskins) it probably had absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the pending election - other than making several thousand New Yorkers stay up a bit late.

Curtis Martin and Lamont Jordan each ran for 115 yards and a touchdown, as the Jets (6-1) put a 41-14 hurting on the visiting Miami Dolphins (1-7) last night in East Rutherford. It was a dominating performance from a team showing no hangover eight days following its first loss.

"If we can keep this bottled up... we have a chance to be a pretty good football team," Edwards said.

Said Wayne Chrebet: "I know people will probably say, 'Look at their schedule, they're supposed to win games like this.' But I think the way we won shows what type of team we are."

Because Gothamist knows it's absolutely necessary for NY sports media to count a good team's chickens before they hatch, here come the ''It's not too early to think playoffs'' stories. All of which leads to the question: when you play pro football in Miami, where do you go to spend your lonely winter months?

Photo by Barton Silverman/NY Times