Derek Jeter; Photo: AP

In last night's 7-5 victory (box score) against the Oakland A's, Yankees Captain Derek Jeter broke his 0-32 slump with a home run and the Yankees won their 3rd straight game. Jeter hit the lead-off homer on the first pitch fast-ball he saw from A's starter Barry Zito. The hitless streak that Jeter endured was the longest for the Yankees since Jimmy Wynn went 0 for 32 in 1977. In a "deja vu all over again" moment Yogi Berra had his own 0-32 stretch which he also broke with a home run. After the game, Jeter said, "It's like a bad dream is over with." The Times has a nice graphic on how he did during the slump versus his career numbers; The Kristen Buckley Show suspects that there was voodoo involved with his slump.

It's a no brainer, but Gothamist thinks that with the slump over, Derek Jeter will return to his normal ways. His average will steadily climb the rest of the season from .161 towards his career mark of .315. Fantasy players, if you can trade for Jeter, do it now.