Luis Flores; Source: NY Post

Gothamist's Cinderella pick for the NCAA Tournament is ready. The Post reports that the team is confident. Senior guard Luis Flores thinks Manhattan has "a pretty good chance if we do what we do." Flores is also very proud that Manhattan is from New York, "We're Manhattan, we're a New York team, and our 1, 2 and 3 are from New York City." Those positions are filled by Jason Wingate (Rice), Flores (Norman Thomas), and Peter Mulligan (St. Raymond's) respectively.

Gothamist agrees with Flores when he talks about New York kids:

New York kids are fearless. They're not afraid when they get on a big stage. Whether it's AAU, or whether it's in the summer playing against guys that come back from the NBA . . . New York kids have a sense that when they get . . . wherever . . . they bring that with them, whether the game is in Gainesville, whether the game is in Raleigh, they're not gonna back down. And Billy [Donovan] knows that. See, Billy will warn his players that our kids are for real, because Billy knows that. Billy's from Long Island and he will respect us.

Despite New York being a basketball mecca (Jordan was born here), the Jaspers are one of few successful basketball teams in New York, pro or college.

Their game is Thursday in Raleigh, with a game time of 12:20 p.m. Gothamist hopes that CBS will broadcast this game for the region, after all, we have some imaginary money riding on it. It's not too late to fill out your official Gothamist bracket either.