2007_01_skidd.jpgForget the Nets' win against Toronto last night, the big Nets news was about Jason Kidd's personal life. In surprising news, Jason Kidd filed for divorce yesterday from Joumana, his wife of 10 years, citing extreme cruelty. This comes after he filed a domestic violence complaint against her on Monday for mistreating their three children. The Nets point guard is accusing his wife of "kicking, punching and throwing things at him, threatening to make false complaints, and even having tracking devices put in his cars and computers." The couple has been married for 10 years and has three children, their son T.J., 8, and twin daughters Miah and Jazelle, 5.

A few more details from The Post:

Kidd charges that his wife even recently used T.J. to "sneak into" the team's locker room to rifle through his belongings and dig up dirt on him.

On Dec. 27, she swiped his cellphone and then left the boy alone to take a front-row seat at the game - where she proceeded to openly taunt her husband with "personal insults," the court papers allege.

Kidd isn't the first to accuse Joumana of using T.J. to do her dirty work. Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe once accused Joumana of using T.J. as a prop in her courtside seats.

Jason Kidd previously had a run-in with the law while he was still with Phoenix Suns in 2001. In that dispute, it was Joumana that reported the abuse, accusing Jason Kidd of striking her in the face. While listening to the 911 call from the 2001 incident, you can hear Joumana Kidd saying "They're going to believe you J, they're going to believe you. You're right. You're right, no. I beat you up with a baseball bat too." Towards the end of the phone call, she tells the dispatcher, "Don't worry about me, this is minor compared to what I usually go through."

The couple looked so happy in their MTV Cribs episode. After Jason told Joumana about the divorce, Gothamist wonders if he told her, "Peace...and hair grease," like he did to all the MTV viewers.

Pictured is Jason Kidd with his wife Joumanna in Sports Illustrated's 2000 Swimsuit Issue. It's the best photo of Jason to ever appear in Sports Illustrated (because of the airbrushing)