2005_08_unisphere.jpgA New York football team in New York City? That's a good one! But it seems that Queens is trying to woo the NY Jets once more into building a stadium there. Queens Borough President Helen Marshall wrote a letter to the Jets, "A new Jets Stadium would complement the new Shea Stadium and the spectacular U.S. Tennis Center and make the borough a regional sports mecca," and the Jets will be meeting with various Queens officials on August 23. But the Jets are still working the New Jersey to share the new stadium at the Meadowlands with the Giants, plus has some time to reconsider its bid for the West Side! The upside to building a stadium in Queens is that it would be an easier commute for the Jets' Long Island fan base and we imagine the Jets might even get to call it "Jets Stadium," not to mention the legacy of the Namath years in Queens; the downside would be the cost - less than what a Manhattan stadium would cost, but still pricey. Whereas a shared stadium in NJ would be inexpensive, but the Jets would only have its name on an LED or LCD screen. City Councilman Jeffrey Meeks prefers a domed stadium, but Gothamist, though understanding a domed stadium would mean year-round revenue, thinks football in domes is for babies.