2006_04_sknickslogo.jpgThose are the words of Quentin Richardson and they are truly the best way to sum up the current state of the Knicks. After last night’s 105-90 loss, the team held a 20-minute meeting behind closed doors.

Afterwards, Larry Brown delivered the brutally honest assessment that, “"I have to find five guys who care enough to compete.” Brown wasn’t alone in questioning the effort of his players. Malik Rose when asked about why Brown’s coaching hasn’t worked added, “Maybe some guys don't want to do it."

What is clear is that someone other than the coach and the players needs to step in. Where is the GM during all of this? He has been seen at some games, but shouldn’t this be the time for him to step in and take charge? We don’t want to see him make any more personnel moves, but he was one of the best players to ever hit the floor and he always gave a great effort, so maybe the players would listen to him. Then again, since he built this roster, maybe he wants nothing to do with it. Who could blame him?