2006_07_ask_docs.jpgYou posted about finding a vet for my sick pet, but what about a doctor for me?

You're under the weather, and New York is a big place, with tons of doctors. Again, as with finding a vet, we would start by asking around for referrals. But that still doesn't always get you what you need, especially if you need a specialist. You should consider talking to any doctors you already have a relationship with. We were surprised to get a quick and easy referral to an internist by our gynecologist. (Turns out we didn't really like them all that much, but it still helped to narrow down the search when it initially seemed overwhelming.)

New York Magazine every year gives their listing of the top physicians in every specialty in the tri-state area. If you have a list of doctors you are considering, you can check out the New York State Physician Profile website to search all doctors licensed to practice medicine in New York State. This site provides you with information about any legal actions taken against doctors in New York State. Complaints about a physician can be filed at the New York State Department of Heath site.