In a Saturday night special, the Jets travel to San Diego to face the league's most surprisingly good team in the Chargers in an AFC Wild-Card game (Saturday, 8 p.m., TV: CBS, RADIO: ESPN 1050AM).

It seems nobody believes in this team right now, at least after a stretch that saw the team's offense disappear and the team back into the playoffs, even with Chad Pennington seemingly healthy. Read between the lines in receiver Santana Moss's diary - 'Everything is fine, but the media and fans are busy being negatoids'.

But Gothamist has to give coach Herman Edwards the benefit of the doubt and take the Jets this weekend, even on the road, even against our contributor's old friend...Drew Brees. Why? Because the Jets have some playoff experience, and the Chargers would have seen 7-9 as an improvement going into this season. John Abraham is still a difference maker on the Jet defensive line, even if not at 100 percent. But regardless of how it ends, we know Jet offensive coordinator Paul Hackett is looking closer at the classified ads every day. Prediction - Jets by a nose, 24-21. Please withhold your outrage at Mr. Hackett - save it for the stadium deal.

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