Only in the nutty world of Italian family–run businesses can a once high flying billion dollar long–life milk operation suddenly be on the brink of bankruptcy, needing to get rid of the family and bring in a turnaround specialist whose nickname is from a Quentin Tarantino film. Enrico Bondi, the new chairman of stricken Italian corporation, Parmalat, is nicknamed "Mr. Wolf" by the Italian media for his ability to "clean up" after problematic Italian businesses. Now, considering the excellent job Harvey Keitel's Mr. Wolf does in Pulp Fiction, that is quite a name for Bondi to live up to. Gothamist awaits to hear which business leaders are nicknamed Mr. Pink, the Gimp, and The Bride next.

Tarantino's "Mr. Wolf" is really based on the clean up character played by Jean Reno in Luc Besson's La Femme Nikita; Harvey Keitel actually played this character in the 1993 John Badham directed US remake of LFN, Point of No Return, starring Bridget Fonda, who would later star in Jackie Brown, directed by Tarantino.