isiahthomas.jpgIsiah Thomas made perhaps the first move in what figures to be a series of unfortunate events for current Knicks head coach Lenny Wilkens by sacking assistant coach Dick Helm. Helm, a longtime Wilkens assistant, was the only assistant on the staff not handpicked by Thomas. His replacement is Brendan Suhr, a longtime Thomas compatriot.

What does this mean for Wilkens? Suhr's appointment means that his every move will be subject to scrutiny, moreso after the Knicks horrid 0-2 start which included their worst ever home opening loss last Saturday, courtesy of Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics. Currently the Knicks sit atthe bottom of the division and face the Philadelphia 76ers tonight at the Garden. Is it possible for an NBA team to face a must win contest only three games into their season?

Let the "Isiah Thomas as head coach" chatter begin.