I know that I'm supposed to give up my seat on the subway to pregnant women. What's the hierarchy after that? Old people? People with kids? Since you've been talking about subway rules why don't you try to give us a definitive list?

Sarah, Murray Hill

Let's say you're sitting comfortably on the uptown 6 train when it pulls into 23rd Street. A mom with two young children, an elderly couple, a pregnant woman, and a young man on crutches step in. Let's also imagine that you are the only courteous person on the packed rush hour train. You get up, but to whom should you offer your seat?

Gothamist suggests the following order, but is open to readers' opinions as well.

1. Elderly couple.
2. Pregnant woman.
3. Mom and kids.
4. Guy on crutches.

It's really a judgement call and this is by no means a definitive list. Gothamist has seen plenty of elderly people offended at the notion that they would somehow need to sit down simply because of their advanced age. Some pregnant women take prenatal yoga and even spin classes and might therefore feel fine about standing up for a few stops. It's always better when kids are sitting down and not grabbing on to strangers' legs or sticking germ infested hands on poles. And the guy on crutches might still be strong enough to hang on to a pole or lean against the door.

Since Gothamist rarely goes more than ten stops when travelling underground, we have no problem standing up before we reach our destination.