2005_10_ssumo.jpgGothamist was a little upset today when we opened our New York Times to see sumo wrestlers. No, we weren't upset with their massive bellies, but with the fact that they were in Las Vegas and not here in New York. It was the first time the Grand Sumo Championships were staged in the US in 20 years. The Times reports over 25,000 fans took in the three day competition, but we think New York could do better. Why not have them compete in the "world's most famous arena," where American wrestling legends like the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan "competed."

Just think of all the hilarity and the thrill of competition if the event came to New York. Competitors could attempt to cram into the seats at a Broadway theater, take up 5 seats in a subway car, or block a whole sidewalk as they walk down the street in pairs and Broadway will be broad in more than one way. It must be done! And we already have those Citibank ads where the sumo wrestler looks like he's pooping. We might as well get the real thing.

Also be sure to check out the great slideshow of photos The Times has.

Photo by AP/Paul Sakuma via The Washington Post