Carlos Tevez/El Salvador

Argentina is on a mission in the Olympic soccer tournament, Gold Medal or bust. However, no one in the world would have pegged Iraq s the favorite for the Silver medal. Okay, maybe that is getting a little crazy, but right now Iraq is 2-0 with a win over Costa Rica and a major upset over Portugal.

Gothamist doesn't want to get in trouble here (one of us is marrying a Portuguese woman in October), but Portugal has done nothing but choke in big events in the last two years. First it was a disappointing run in the 2002 World Cup, losing to the U.S. on the way to an early departure. Then in this year's European Cup (hosted in Portugal) they lose to Greece in the finals and now they lose to Iraq in the Olympics. Now they have dug themselves into a huge hole. The way it stands right now, the best Portugal can hope for is a match in the first elimination round against Argentina.

Upcoming Matches:

Today's games-

In Group C
Argentina( 2-0, #1 ) plays Australia (1-0-1, # 2nd)
Tunisia (0-1-1, #3) plays Serbia Montenegro (0-2, #4)

In Group A
South Korea (1-0-1, #1) plays Mali (1-0-1, #2)
Greece (0-1-1, #3) plays Mexico (0-1-1, #4).

Tomorrow's Action

Group B
Italy (1-0-1, #1) plays Paraguay (1-1-0, #3)
Ghana (1-0-1, # 2) plays Japan (0-2, #4)

Group D
Iraq (2-0, #1) plays Morocco (0-1-1, # 4)
Portugal (1-1, #2) plays Costa Rica (0-1-1, #3).

In the next round the tournament breaks down like this:
A1 plays B2, D1 plays C2, C1 plays D2, B1 plays A2.

Paraguay needs a win and a Ghana loss or tie, or tie and a Ghana Loss (with some goal help)

So, these are the matches would should see:
Argentina Vs. Portugal
Australia Vs. Iraq
Italy Vs. Mali
South Korea Vs. Ghana

leading goal scorers:
John Aliosi of Australia 3
Alberto Gilardino of Italy 3
Carlos Tevez of Argentina 3