2004_04_askredsoxyankees.jpgIn honor of the baseball season heating up, Ask Gothamist ponders a very important question: What to do if you and your significant other root for rival sports teams?

You can duke it out, but it's a losing battle on both sides. In our experience, these arguments tend to go something like this:

YANKEES FAN: The Yankees are the best team in baseball!
RED SOX FAN: Yankees suck! The Red Sox are so much better.
YF: Jeter! Giambi! Rivera! A-Rod!
RSF: Nomar! Pedro!
YF: 27 World Championships. The Red Sox haven't won in 86 years.
RSF: There's always next year.

And it devolves from there to adolescent jabs about homosexuality.

So the first step is acceptance: You have to accept that there's no way to convince your partner that your team is the best. Especially if he roots for the Red Sox. Boston fans are amazingly loyal and a little bit crazy.

Second, stick to your guns! If you know in your heart that your team really is the best team in baseball (so they've already lost 11 games this season, big deal!) then you stand up for it!

So we recommend maybe tabling the argument. Unless your team wins, which means that, naturally, you get bragging rights.

Do any of you readers have suggestions for dealing with this very difficult problem? Tips for persuading our out-of-town that Steinbrenner is not, in fact, the root of all evil?

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