I need to find a good vet for my cat, but I have no idea where to start. Where should I look?

We would always start by asking friends and coworkers for referrals and checking out the reviews of various clinics on Citysearch. The Humane Society of the United States gives a thorough checklist for choosing a veterinarian, including things such as the state of the facilities and special interests of the veterinarians there (and when we say special interests, we mean things like geriatrics, not that they knit in their spare time).

Pets 911 is another site that you can search for vets in your area. If you have complaints about a vet, you can file them here. To search if a vet you are considering has any disciplinary action against them, you can go here.

Finally, the ASPCA is also a great resource for NYC animal laws as well as pet care, adopting, and making donations, among other things.

How did you find your pet's vet?