Mariel Zagunis; Photo: Barton Silverman/NY Times
The last time the United States won an Olympic gold in fencing was the 1904 Games. The last time a US woman won in saber was...never. This year is the first year that women competed in saber, and the US came away with the gold and bronze. The bronze medal was the first medal for the Americans since 1984 when Peter Westbrook won bronze in saber as well (the bronze medal match came before the gold match). The women faired much better than the men, who were eliminated in the round of sixteen.

Sada Jacobson took the bronze medal for the United States, defeating Catalina Gheorghitoia of Romania. Mariel Zagunis defeated Xue Tan of China, 15-9.

The joy in Zagunis was evident as soon as she scored the winning point. She ran off the piste to shake the referee's hand. She was so excited that she had to be reminded to salute by the referee.

Future trivia note for Jeopardy!: Answer - This gold medal Olympian has two former Olympians as parents and won the first women's saber gold ever. Question - Who is Mariel Zagunis?