I'm thinking about doing a little volunteer work for a theatre group this summer - do you have any suggestions? I have lots of experience both onstage and backstage, but am not particularly interested in pursuing it career-wise. Thanks for your help!

Drama Queen

What a fun idea! If you are indeed a Drama Queen, no better to place to express it than in the theatre, with the fellow kings and queens of the stage... An excellent way to meet new people, explore a new, creative, venue, and lend your hand to some needy theatres. Try the Roundabout Theatre Company for starters. This "big name" theatre group will likely appreciate some extra hands. You can make some calls to Theatre for the New City in the East Village or some other NYC-based theatre groups. They often take on volunteers, although more in an administrative than in a creative or technical capacity. (FYI beware of being 'hired' only to answer phones and shuffle paperwork--unless that's what you want to do... Specify to the staff up-front if your desire is to be contributing in a more artistic way.) Finally, NYC's SummerStage and City Parks Concerts are actively soliciting volunteers for summer performances. They'll even provide you training and supervision! Break a leg.