When reader Rishi D. sent us this photo of a "Con Electric" van on Park Place, we initially thought it was a part of some image overhaul from good ol' Con Ed. But Con Ed spokesman Allan Drury quickly shot that suspicion down, telling us, "That’s not a Con Edison vehicle. We have not undertaken any such rebranding. I have no way of knowing the identity of the people in the photo or the owner of the truck."

The prevailing theory is that the van is being used for some film, and Rishi tells us it "was quite hilarious because there is a regular coned truck right next to it (you can only see the front grill of the regular coned truck in the picture)." And while we spend the rest of the afternoon imagining that hilarious scenario with no photographic evidence, remember to watch out if they start asking you about lowering your bill for Con Ed or National Grid.