2006_08_ssanchez.jpgGothamist likes to eat and can understand getting the late night munchies. But when we're on the road for business late on a Sunday night in a nice hotel that has room service and we get a food stipend, we usually order in. Apparently, if you're Duaner Sanchez in Miami, that's not what you do. Some details have been released about the early Monday morning accident the Mets reliever was involved in. Sanchez, his younger brother, and a "female friend" were all in a taxi when it was hit by a Crown Victoria on I-95 at 1:44 a.m. It's nice to know that the Mets don't have a curfew. As an aside - who knew that non-cops and old people drove Crown Vics (we assume that the driver wasn't a senior citizen as it was after their bedtimes). A Florida Highway Patrol lieutenant said that the accident could have been a lot worse for everyone involved, "That time of night is when you have the real horrendous wrecks."

After Sanchez injured his shoulder in a car accident early Monday morning, the Mets were forced to trade Xavier Nady to the Pirates to replace him, a move that wouldn't have been necessary if Sanchez didn't have a craving for late night Dominican food. Note to Jose Reyes and Pedro Martinez: if you have cravings like your fellow Dominican, please don't go on a futile late-night search in a city you don't live in. Thank you.

Yesterday Sanchez had season ending surgery on his shoulder and the expectation is that he'll be ready by Spring Training. It probably goes without saying that the Mets won't be going out much when they're on the road the rest of the season, off day or not.