Boyfriends As the official "funny" blogger on Gothamist, I have decided to admit I look for boyfriends on the Web. That's okay, right? For purely sociological reasons (who am I kidding?) I find myself frequently visiting two sites:

(1):, which is mostly str8, but 100% hipster. It makes Slate's Nerve look like the Wall Street Journal.

(2):, a fascinating (see: juicy) look into the life of Israeli homosexuals. Of course, it would help if I could read Hebrew, but just look at those Israeli studs. Zionism, with a twist of libido. (If you do go to the site, click the smaller button on the right on the intro page. I think it means you're over 18, but who knows what it means? Maybe I've joined the Israeli army or something a million times over? Whatever . . . it would be totally worth it anyway).

If you find one for me, just post it in the comments. I need all the help I can get. And maybe I'll set up a reward for (s)he who finds me mr. right.