My husband wants to buy a Hummer, environment be damned. I'm against it, but so far he hasn't been persuaded by my arguments against buying one. I've tried presenting him facts on gas mileage and how much space a giant SUV would take up in our small neighborhood, but his mind is made up. Gimme some ammo!

Patty, Brooklyn

Try reading High and Mighty by former New York Times Detroit bureau chief Keith Bradsher. It's sort of a Fast Food Nation for the auto industry. It will give you a better vocabulary and more information to cite than simply the Hummer's lousy gas mileage or the fact that parking in a city as crowded as New York becomes a lot worse when everyone needs a space for their giant truck. Gothamist assumes you've already told him that in a pedestrian heavy city like New York, SUVs' high front grilles make them more likely to kill little old ladies and bike messengers in the event of an accident.

Since you live in Brooklyn, try this nugget from the book: commerical trucks weighing three tons or more (including their cargo) are banned from the Brooklyn Bridge. Yet the H2, Hummer's "sporty" model, weighs over 8,000 pounds. Add two adults, luggage and perhaps the family dog and suddenly your hubby's SUV is worse for New York's most beautiful bridge than a truck making deliveries. It's hard for someone who doesn't care about ripping up an American landmark to really say he loves New York.

If you're like many New Yorkers who shake their heads every time they see a Hummer go by, you'll enjoy this site.