Back in 2004, the former captain of the NY Rangers cheerleading team, the Rangers City Skaters, accused Madison Square Garden executives of sexually harassing and verbally abusing her and other skaters. Courtney Prince said that MSG executives took underage skaters to bars, intimated they should get breast enlargement surgery, and threatened to cut off their supply of free cookies so the City Skaters would lose weight.

Now the Daily News reports that Madison Square Garden had been compiling crazy details about Prince to use as retaliation and in hopes that she would settle back in 2004. Here's the memo included:

- "Prince constantly talked about her sex life, saying, for example, that she hated to come in early because she could have been [having sex]," according to the March 2004 memo

- Garden investigators said Prince referred to a mixed-race lineup of skaters as "my Oreo."

- She was accused of calling Asian-American skater Angela Chiang "my geisha."

- Prince threatened one of the two African-American skaters, Amea Bunting and Alyssa Stith, by saying, "I'll find another black girl to replace you."

- Prince urged the women to wolf down diet pills and one of them, Bridie Myles, got hooked.

"Several skaters are taking diet pills prescribed via the Internet by a doctor in Florida," the memo says. "Should we address this issue? Discuss in a meeting? I am particularly concerned about their well-being, especially Bridie who acknowledged that she cannot stop taking them."

"CP [Courtney Prince] threatened skaters with firing if they did not lose weight," the memo added.

- Skaters were ordered to spend off-hours in tanning salons and to pad their bras. Using a crude word, Prince said the skaters' goal was to appear sexually attractive and available.

The harassment suit was spurred by an incident allegedly witnessed by NY Times hockey reporter Jason Diamos - Prince and Rangers PR guy Jason Vogel were at a Village bar and Vogel said something about wanted to have sex with her and tried to French kiss her. Here's how Prince explained it to CNN three years ago, "After an event with the Rangers we were all taken out to a club like they oftentimes would do. I ended up being separated from the group and ended up just with one of the Rangers' managers and also a reporter. At that bar, the second location that I was taken to, these two gentlemen went on to describe to me about how they wanted to have sex with me, how they wanted to have sex specifically with which girls on the team they wanted to have sex with and also went on to try to kiss me and do other things."

Prince claims she was fired because she tried to warn other skaters. In 2005, a judge allowed Prince's assault claims to continue. Can any Rangers fans tell us why the City Skaters' website is not working?

Given this, plus the allegations of Isiah Thomas's sexual harassment, we're worried that the next harassment Madison Square Garden lawsuit we'll hear about will have something to do with the circus.