2006_9_ask_tenants.jpgThough I have my tenant's cell phone number and that of her co-tenant's she refuses to give me her work number or name of her employer. Am I not entitled to that info?

According to the woman at the Attorney General's office, no, you are not entitled to that information. It is logical that you would want that before a potential tenant moved into your apartment, in order to check their credit history and financial status. However, if they are already in the apartment, then you have to just settle with a cell phone number AND an alternate phone number. (Cell phone numbers have this funny way of getting cut off). This alternate number can just be their home number.

You can visit the Attorney General's Tenant Rights Guide to find out additional information, such as issues involving individual apartment locks. According to this guide, "Tenants in multiple dwellings can install and maintain their own locks on their apartment entrance doors in addition to the lock supplied by the landlord. The lock may be no more than three inches in circumference, and tenants must provide their landlord with a duplicate key upon request."

For more information regarding tenant issues, call the Attorney General Consumer Affairs department at 212-416-8000.