2005_10_23_trumpin85.jpgIt's a bit of a long read but if you've ever felt that there was something not quite right in the idea of Donald Trump being a billionaire then you should check out the excerpt in today's biz section. Taken from Timothhy O'Brien's book Trumpnation, the excerpt looks specifically at how much Trump is actually worth in comparison to the ever changing numbers that he parades around. And how much is that? Not surprisingly that is not a clear answer, but undoubtedly the Donald is worth far, far less then the $2.7 billion that he's managed to persuade Forbes he is worth ("My net worth has tripled," Donald told the magazine even). The best part of the story is when O'Brien goes through every year that the Forbes 400 has existed and lists Donald's ranking and self-reported worth. The way those numbers rise and fall (off the chart and back again) just makes us giggle. Maybe if we start going around telling people we're worth billions more than we are, people will start to believe us too.