What is the best way to get to JFK?

AirTrainWe could devote a whole epic on how to get to the other airports, but let's face it; Newark and LaGuardia are steps away by comparison. (You can get to Newark via train from Penn Station, for example, and those of us in upper Manhattan know the blessing that is the M60 bus.) JFK, even in the era of the AirTrain, still seems elusive.

Here are some options:

-The New York Airport Service runs reasonably priced buses to all area airports from midtown (Grand Central, Port Authority, a number of midtown hotels). We've tested this method, and, unless getting to midtown is difficult, this is a pretty painless way to go.

-The ubiquitous AirTrain. We don't know about you, but Ask Gothamist can't figure this one out. The MTA does list some sample routes and approximate costs, but you still have to get yourself to Queens. We hear rumors that taking the LIRR to Jamaica, then catching the AirTrain is the fastest way to go, but it costs a little extra.

-Take the A train to Howard Beach, but only if you don't live in upper Manhattan. We haven't yet tested this, but we're willing to bet it takes about 2 hours to get from one end of the A to the other.

-The Q10, Q3, and B15 buses all go to JFK.

The Port Authority's official JFK page lists a number of options, if you don't want to fork over the $45 plus tolls for the taxi.

More info on AirTrain. Gothamist Forum users agree that JFK is the most difficult airport to get to.