Where can I take beginner Bollywood style dance classes?

Mary, Lower East Side

Bombay Dream was not among the winners at last week's Tony Awards, but that doesn't mean people arent' still interested in all things Bollywood.

Bollywood Axion offers lessons in a convenient Times Square location. Classes for beginners are held on Sundays from 4 - 6 PM. There are also two sessions on Monday evenings, one starting at 7 and one starting at 8. The cost is $140 for 10 hours and $240 for 20 hours. Advanced classes and private lessons are also available. Call 718-791-3781 for more information. The next session starts August 8.

If you're really into Bollywood dancing, one thing Ask Gothamist doesn't recommend is renting 2002's The Guru which, at the time it was produced, probably seemed like a hip way to capitalize on the craze for Indian movies. Just like this joke, the movie is more sorry than sari.