2006_02_swhiteface.jpgWinters are usually fun time for Gothamist for one big reason, there's snow to ski on. With this winter being a bust in our area for most of the ski season, we haven't had our mind on skiing quite too much yet. But with the weather finally cold, snow forcasted for this weekend, and the Winter Olympics starting today, we can't help but have skiing on the mind. The lack of snow has already taken its toll as Powder Ridge in Connecticut has already closed its doors for the season because of "the recent warm and wet weather." Perhaps they will re-open if the season turns itself around.

The best options for those with transportation in New York City might be to head to Vermont or New Hampshire, where vertical drops are larger and mountains have more trails. Locally, there are several options. Some that come to mind are Big Boulder/Jack Frost, Camelback, and Shawnee in Pennsylvania, Mountain Creek in New Jersey, Hunter, Belleayre, and Whiteface Mountain in New York. The bonus about Whiteface is that it's in Lake Placid, home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Games, which means there is plenty to do, including riding in a bobsled or on a luge - spandex not included. Riders need shouldn't feel excluded, as all these mountains are snowboard friendly and all have terrain parks. And for those without equipment or that don't know how to ski/ride, the ski areas are always willing to provide those services.

If you're without transportation, Hunter Mountain has listings on their site for you to ride a bus up to the mountain. Emilio's Ski Shop in Forrest Hills runs trips throughout the week and on weekends to various mountains in our area as well. These typically depart early in the morning (think 4 or 5 a.m.) and return at night.

Semi-related, see Kottke's analysis on ski blogs.

Photo of Whiteface Mountain