2006_08_sjetslogo.jpgWhen Laveranues Coles caught his second touchdown of the game to give the Jets a 17-point lead with 13:15 remaining in the fourth quarter, some of the fans at the Meadowlands headed for the exit, hoping to get home to catch more of the Mets-Cardinals playoff game. A Dolphins rally prevented those who stayed from leaving until the final seconds, lest they miss a Jets collapse. But the Jets hung on by the skin of their teeth and won, 20-17, when Olindo Mare missed a 51-yard field goal in the game's final minute.

After their embarassing loss at Jacksonville last week, the Jets needed this game. They've shown an inconsistency all year, a pleasant surprise given the low expectations that ushered in the season. But that they sit at 3-3 and have two winnable games -- against Detroit and at Cleveland -- heading into their bye.

The Jets will not make anything easy this year. Despite forcing two Miami turnovers in the first half, the Jets only led by three at intermission. Then their defense looked passive and flat-footed as the Dolphins got themselves back in the game during the fourth quarter. Joey Harrington -- not exactly John Elway -- almost pulled off the iimprobable comeback. But the Jets aren't good enough to worry about style points, and they'll take wins when they can get them.