Who says there can't be hockey news without a hockey season? A judge ruled that Gyongyi Tokolyi can sue Madison Square Garden for the injuries she suffered during a Rangers-Red Wings game. Tokolyi's injuries included a broken nose, fractured bones under her eye, and a cut that required 15 stitches. The Garden claims that they already had adequate protection for fans in place while Tokolyi contends otherwise, saying the public was not given sufficient warning.

The accident happened one day before Brittanie Cecil, 13, was struck during a Columbus Blue Jackets game. She died two days later from an internal injury caused by a deflected hockey puck that struck her in the head. Brittanie's family settled for $1.2 million and the NHL has since added netting to the area behind the goals.

Can Tokolyi reasonably ask for $10 million for her damages and $1 million for her husband's loss of companionship, if a girl actually died and settled for $1.2 million? It was the couple's first trip to a hockey game. Gothamist always thought that the fine print on the back of tickets protected teams and the arenas. That, and to pay attention to the actual game, but it looks like times have changed.