2006_02_suscurling.jpgWhen Gothamist was in college, we remember watching curling on the CBC and thinking that it was the coolest sport ever. We just couldn't get enough of it. Good thing we could watch the CBC. When we came back to New York, we were out of luck - no curling. Yesterday, the United States men's curling team won its first Olympic curling medal ever. Led by Pete Fenson, the United States defeated Great Britain, 8-6. Fenton, who owns two Minnesota pizzerias, sealed the bronze medal for the Americans in the 10th inning. And is it us, or has curling become really popular? So much so that there was even a casino sponsored streaker. Canada won the gold while Finland won the silver medal.

On the mountain, Jules Mancuso won a surprise gold medal in the women's giant slalom. The gold medal was the first medal for the American women since 1998. THe victory came as a surprise as the 21 year-old Mancuso had never even won a World Cup race. Perhaps that's what the US Ski Team can do with expectations...Oh, and Bode Miller skis today in the slalom.

Finally, sometimes you have to wonder when athletes will start to learn to shut their mouths. Chad Hedrick won the silver in the men's 10,000 meter speed skating event, winning his 3rd medal of the games, but had some choice words after the race. ''My heart is bigger than anybody else out there. If another skater had felt like I did today, he wouldn't have been on the podium. That's just me refusing to lose.'' Wow. Lovely. We're feeling the Olympic spirit there.

At least one good symbol of the Olympics will be representing the United States in tomorrow's closing ceremonies. Joey Cheek, who won a gold and a silver medal in Torino, will be carrying the US flag during the closing ceremonies. Note to Chad: Less medals, more honor.

Image via NBCOlympics.com