2007_05_arts_hipster.jpgWho better to dissect the hipster than a bartender at favorite hipster hangouts? NY Mag asks bartender at Enid's and The Annex, Lynnea Scalora, some questions about the regulars.

Is there a difference between the LES hipster and the Greenpoint hipster?

In Greenpoint, it’s relaxed hipsters. They’re cool but messy. Whereas in the LES everyone is cool and dolled up. At the Annex people are very concerned about their image, who they’re seen with, getting wasted, and acting like assholes.

Scalora herself, who in the articles photo is wearing an 80s-inspired shirt and leaning against a pinball machine, seems to fit somewhere in between her description. However she's in a band (White Hills) and is a performance artist, which (on paper) would bring her up to ultimate hipster status! But then we find out that the Polish locals at Enid's get kicked out when they try to converse with the "cool but messy" hipsters ("There’s a few Polish guys that come in really wasted and we have to kick them out. They’ll start talking to the customers and being super-drunk."), and the softball team gets to stay ("They’d get really loud and it would scare everyone away so no one would come for dinner. One night they won the championships and one of the guys on the team threw a beer on me.")! Hipsters are supposed to like quirky locals, not jocks...leaving this study in hipdsterdom inconclusive.

Photo via electric stream experience.