2006_05_hillarymrmet.jpgNewsday reports that in Hillary Clinton's ongoing efforts to appeal to the state she represents in the Senate - and the rest of the country - she made it very clear that she was never, ever, ever a Mets fan. In fact, she said, "I cannot let stand that I have ever, ever been a Mets fan: Let's set the record straight. The Cubs and the Yankees -- those were my teams and remained my teams growing up and now in my mature years." Does Hillary have some sort of bias against mascots with huge, baseball heads? Or teams that people gravitate towards because they hate the Yankees so much? And does that mean she hates the Brooklyn Cyclones - and love the Staten Island Yankees (funny, as S.I. is the most Republican borough in NYC)? Who knew she supported the crazy spending ways of George Steinbrenner? We suppose Hillary needs to state some sort of team allegiance, but most politicians try to support both teams in their towns (not counting Rudy Giuliani).

Steinbrenner has donated to both Republican and Democratic politicians (Schumer, though not H. Clinton), but he did donate to George W. Bush (maybe for that 2002 Ohio State commencement address shout-out). Rick Lazio is a Mets fan. And we imagine the NYC GOP will be buying tickets to more Mets games than usual.