2006_02_sfrancismagic.jpgThe Knicks are making trades the only way they can by taking on salary. New York has just traded for Steve Francis, sending Trevor Ariza and Penny Hardaway to Orlando. The deal gives the Magic salary cap relief with the Knicks taking on another $32 million in salary.

The addition of Francis gives the Knicks a high-octane backcourt, but how will he coexist with Marbury? Both of them are shoot first, pass later guards and neither one puts up much of an effort on the defensive end. The trade is easier to understand if another deal with Marbury leaving New York is in the works. If not, the Knicks have added another player who has had clashes with disciplinarian types and will want the ball at the end of the game. The basketball may be terrible, but it won't be boring at the Garden.

Photo by AP/Chitose Suzuki viaYahoo