Last month, Whole Foods Market New York City and Gothamist announced the Pantry Revolution Contest, where four lucky readers could win a fully stocked pantry (worth $350) by entering a 50-word-or-less essay explaining what your resolution is what how a fully-stocked pantry from Whole Foods Market can help you keep healthy this year.

After the jump, here are our winners!

From Arlette:

This year I want to be a radiant star — not a pesticided-to-the-bone processed food reservoir. "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are" is what's getting this budding poet to Whole Foods Market, in a hurry. NEW YEAR. WHOLE NEW PANTRY.
From Ryan:
My only resolution is to try one new recipe per week. Often I'll tell myself I don't have the time or ingredients to tackle a new idea, instead falling back on the twelve meals that I rotate through. If I can add 52 new dishes to my repertoire, 2009 will be even tastier.
From Wendy:
My resolution is to eat adventurously healthy. So when I shop, I always pick up something new. The exotic often becomes a staple, like quinoa or almond butter. Next on my list to try are amaranth, cashew butter, and hemp milk. I discover my new favorites at Whole Foods Market.
From Kara:
I love to cook (mostly because I love to eat!) But I've been a lazy cook, sticking to my tried and true dishes. My resolution is to take my culinary ventures to a new level, focusing on healthier eating, purchasing more local and fresh ingredients, and broadening my culinary repertoire.
Congratulations to our winners! The winners will be contacted about their wins and prizes.