NIT Finals; Photo: Tien Mao

Last night at Madison Square Garden, the finals of the NIT took place between Michigan and Rutgers. The NIT is a somewhat forgotten tournament that takes a back seat to the NCAA tournament, but it takes place every year with teams that just miss the cut. The game last night was a 62-55 victory for Michigan. The Scarlet Knights have two products from New York on their team. Quincy Douby from Brooklyn's Grady High School and Juel Wiggan from Columbus High School in The Bronx. Douby only managed two points in the game despite scoring 35 in the semi-final game.

Gothamist was at the game and witnessed some great turnout from Scarlet Knights fans who were extremely loud and decked out in their red shirts, but they ultimately left disappointed. It seemed as though they outnumbered Wolverine fans 10-1. It was an excellent game, despite fact the two teams were playing for the "consolation prize".