2005_03_sdoleac.jpgAfter a strong win in Philadelphia on Wednesday night, the Nets returned home for a tough game versus the East-leading Miami Heat. The results weren't pretty, particularly in the second half. Miami dominated NJ with a 106-90 victory near Shaq's hometown of Newark. Dwayne Wade led the Heat in scoring with 27, and Shaq also had 20 points. Vince Carter threw in 27 for the Nets, but cooled off toward the end of the game.

In his first appearance since being traded, Alonzo Mourning played briefly in garbage time, and was greeted with a chorus of boos by the 94 actual Nets fans (as opposed to the 10,000 Shaq gawkers) attending the game. While Gothamist loves the NBA, Continental Arena truly has less atmosphere than a morgue, and the Brooklyn move can't come soon enough. A city/ownership agreement expediting the move was signed yesterday.

In other NBA news, Antoine Walker returns to the Celtics, and ESPN ponders an Isiah Thomas 'destruction' reality show.

Image via AP/Bill Kostroun