2005_12_smarbury.jpgLet’s face it, we all expected great things when Stephon Marbury joined the Knicks. The local boy was coming home and perhaps that is why we were blinded to his faults. We forgot how he demanded out of Minnesota even with Kevin Garnett to pass to. We ignored the fact that Jason Kidd took his place on the Nets and instantly made them title contenders. There were a lot of warning signs we simply missed.

It is impossible to do so anymore and the Knicks have a huge problem on their hands. Last night, he quit on his team and then criticized his teammates after a 105-95 loss to the Magic. Marbury went 0 for 7 from the field and contributed only 3 assists in 41 minutes of play.

So, it is time to dissolve this unhappy marriage and send Stephon and his baggage off to another team. The problem is what team would want him at this point? Looking at recent history it is probably a safe bet that Isiah trades him for some washed up players with enormous contracts. Happy New Year, Knicks fans!

Photo by AP/Gregory Bull via MSNBC